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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the study guides?

Digital versions (ebooks) of the study guides are available to purchase on Apple iBooks and Google Play Books. Physical book versions of the guides will be available soon, likely through the store on this website!

Mini-guides will be available through the store on this website as well.

I want to be able to take notes right on my copy of the guide - how can I do that?

The best version to have if you want to take notes right on your copy of the guide will be the physical/hard copy of the book. There isn't a way currently to take written notes on the iBooks or Google Play Books apps, and to my knowledge they can't be exported into PDFs. 

The physical version of the study guides will include a workbook section in the back that is just about as large as the guide content itself and will allow you to not just take your own notes but to test yourself and study!

I found something in one of the guides that I think might be an error, who can I report it to?

If you think you found any errors (labeling, spelling, or actual information) please let me know so I can make sure these guides are as accurate as possible for you! You can submit your comment via the form on the contact page or to my email at

On Google Play, the study guide pages appear very small, how can I make them full screen?

If you see your pages as very small on the screen and are unable to zoom in on Google Play, go to the text/page settings button that probably says "Aa."

If "Flowing Text" is selected, that is the mode best for text but not great for images like this study guide is full of. Click that to select a different view.

Choosing the "Original Page Images" view will give you the
best layout for going through the study guides, basically showing them as full pages and you'll be able to zoom in if needed!

Images below show what this would look like (click to enlarge):

What software do you use to make your study guides?

I actually use the Notability app for all of my stuff - making study guides, taking notes in class, and even my planners. I prefer drawing the study guides in Notability because I can make a full page of notes, rather than drawing them in a "fancier" drawing software and bringing them in as pictures. 

For my other illustration purposes though, I love the Procreate app and for other design work I use Canva and am obsessed with it. 

Have another question for me?

Thanks for your question!

I'll get back to you soon.

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