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Veterinary Illustration

Accepting commissions for veterinary medical illustrations
teaching purposes | presentations | conferences | 
scientific papers | textbooks and references

Focus in on
Specific Anatomy

Photographs and realistic artistic renderings have their place, but I've found that a more illustrated style helps to define contours and margins of structures in a way that helps us focus in on the most important parts.


Exaggeration with unique angles or "pulling apart" tissues in a less realistic way has been one of my greatest tools for helping myself and others understand anatomy.

Demonstrating Procedures

Get custom images showing the exact step or procedure you're trying to demonstrate without being limited by camera-accessible angles or lighting.


Dynamic Examples of Physiology

Let me help you summarize paragraphs and paragraphs of written complicated physiology and pathology into comprehensive, eye-catching graphics that help your reader easily conceptualize what you're describing.

Have an idea or a specific project in need of veterinary illustrations?

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