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I'm a veterinary student (<150 days left...but who's counting) who found as early as first year that my art background had the potential to make a real difference for us visual learners in vet med.

I started sharing my journey in vet school online from the beginning because of students ahead of me who in the same way made a positive impact on my experience. I wanted to share the highlights and the struggles, and along the way I had encouragement to share how I was trying to learn anatomy. The support of the online vet med community opened up a whole side of my career in veterinary illustration and content creation that I enjoy so much!

But like you, there are many parts to my career in vet med - I'm also a nerd for ultrasound, cardiology, clin path, lameness exams, fear free, and surgery. In other words, I'm ecstatic to start working in general practice next year and I see mixed animal work + owning a practice in my future.

I'm humbled that you're here, interested in where I came from and where I'm going, and I'd love to connect with you - I am a labrador retriever in a human's body after all, so the only thing I love more than people is food!

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 Vet med is a team sport, + you can count me as your teammate! 

Sharing the tips and tools I've collected to get through vet school!

Stories from my path from getting in, to getting through, and getting out.


Rhode Island, USA


Linedancing, drawing, painting, ability to have fun anywhere


Mixed animal general practice and future practice owner


Tie between pizza and sushi...or really any food that I get to eat with friends

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and love to chat with others in vet med. Let's connect!

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