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Tips & Tools

I worked with a bunch of incredible students from the "vetstagram" to put together #VetSchool, a vet school survival guide with all our tips on time management, note taking, studying, and the apps we use the most.


This guide can be useful for first years or at any stage in your preclinical years (or when it's time to get back into study mode for the NAVLE)!

#VETSCHOOL Cover.png

I need to keep myself organized to stay sane with the courseload and busy life of vet school - a while back my friend @thek9doctor showed me Notion, and I've been hooked ever since!

I started by creating my own template that worked best for me and the way courses worked in vet school, which was so different from undergrad.


For those of you who love seeing how I organize with Notion, you can buy my Course Organization Board template to use for yourself and to save you all the hassle and time of building it from scratch!

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