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Hey there,


I’m a veterinary student helping others by sharing my journey, creating next level study materials for all of us, and cheering you on so we can crush our goals together.



Veterinary Study Guides

It's time you had a new way to learn & study


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The Complete 
Small Animal Anatomy Guide

100 page, fully illustrated book of dog + cat anatomy from nose to tail!

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The Comparative Veterinary Anatomy Guide

This guide includes anatomy of the major body structures and systems compared across 7+ species.

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 Vet Med is a Team Sport 

For Pre-Vets

Applying, re-applying, or deciding whether to apply to vet school? Let's have a chat about your goals & questions.

Biggest Lessons Learned

We all figure things out along the way, so why not take advantage of advice from those who have gone through it before you?

New Projects

Podcasts, webinars, and more - I'm always open to inquiries to participate in new projects.

Sharing the Journey

Sometimes the most helpful thing is hearing that someone else has felt the same way going through the same things.