Why Study Guides?

Vet med is one of the most diverse and amazing professions out there (maybe I'm biased 😏), which means there is an absolute TON of information that you have to learn and understand on your way to becoming a veterinary professional. It's a big task, but we can do it.


These study guides are a NEW WAY to help us learn better today and have awesome reference material that you'll keep as you continue to grow into the best vet or vet tech that you can be!

How it started

Arguably one of the "biggest" classes of first year veterinary school is anatomy. There is so much to learn, about so many species, and so little time.

I took to anatomy easier than some of my other courses first year because I'm a very visual person. My background in the arts proved useful for me to break down the complicated material and turn it into illustrations that focused on where things were, spatial relationships, and how to find important structures, rather than looking necessarily realistic or to scale.

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How it's going

Your response to how helpful these guides were encouraged me to make them bigger and better. I imagined huge, complete guides of everything I wish I had to get through these classes + material myself.  

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I'm sharing my process of making these guides on social media, follow me so you can be a part of it!